How old are you?

I'm a 2001 baby.

Why did you rebrand?

I didn't feel comfortable with my old name. I didn't think about the name when I picked it. I feel like 'ittybitty' is unprofessional, but most of all a dead meme. I'm also not that ittybitty anymore since my breast augmentation. The name Katherine just didn't feel like me. It isn't unique enough and I feel awkward introducing myself as Kath/Katherine. I really wanted a name change but was too scared to do it. I'm still very nervous, but I hope it'll be worth it.

Where are you from?

I'm from the Netherlands. And no, I will not specify which part of the Netherlands.

Are you single?

Currently yes

What does your boyfriend think of your job? And your parents?

This is the least of your concerns. But I understand your curiosity. They're all very supportive.

I don't have a partner right now, but they would support me too. Otherwise, they wouldn't be with me in the first place. 

How did you get into this job?

I've always made jokes about becoming a camgirl. I think a lot of people do, but I've also always felt curious about sex work. One day I decided to just try it. I didn't desperately need the money, I just wanted to. I started camming but found out that wasn't my cup of tea because I wanted to guarantee quality by checking the content before putting it online instead of it being live. So I started doing onlyfans and later manyvids, pornhub, panty selling, etc too.

Will you sext with me? Will you video call me? Can we meet up? Can I fuck you? Can I star in your video?


Why haven't you replied to my message yet?

I do not respond to messages on my public social media. I do always try to reply on my paid platforms. If you messaged me about a work-related issue or a serious question I will most likely still reply. Just be patient with me, please.

Is there porn of you with a man?

No, but I have made some lesbian porn!!

I might (emphasis on might) branch out to boy/girl content someday. I've been considering it. 

Can we collab?

Maybe. If you're just a dude looking to fuck me, then no. If you're anyone else just shoot me a message and we can discuss what the options are.

I want to start my own page! Any advice?

Yea dude! Read my advice page and I'll help you out!

Can we be friends?

No, not really. I do appreciate all contact I have with my fans, but I really can't be more than a content creator. If you want to hang out with me in the most platonic way, join my discord server!

What to expect once I paid for your work?

Please read the 'what to expect' tab!